Innovative & Effective Software Solutions

InSoft Research designs, develops and implements software that supports passenger counting and traffic analysis.

InSoft Research

InSoft can provide you with a software solution tailored to your needs and your reality, whether it is people counting in transportation or in buildings. Our software are designed in-house, by our team of experts at our offices in Quebec City, allowing our customers to get a complete turnkey solution.

Software suited to your needs

Depending on your operations, we understand that you have specific analysis and planning needs.
That is why our solutions are designed to help you target and analyze the data you are most interested in.

Traffic Reports

Essential in evaluating your operation’s productivity, InSoft’s reporting software easily integrates with your automated counting solutions.

User Experience (UX)

InSoft can provide your team with essential tools to optimize your customer’s experience. From the ridership analysis and available seats, to real-time visualization of your fleet, our range of UX tools will evolve with your needs.

Schedule Adherence

InSoft system can help you identify routes or areas that are problematic in regards to schedule deviation, so you can both adjust it and optimize routes.



Our solutions can assist you in the analysis and optimization of your vehicles routes.

Traffic Light Priority (TLPS)

InSoft’s traffic light priority software makes an accurate estimate of the vehicle’s arrival at the intersection. Compatible with schedule compliance solutions, this tool minimizes delays while ensuring the safety of other road users.

Seat Occupancy

The latest addition to our series of solutions, this software allows you to know in real time the occupancy rate of seats in vehicles equipped with our technology. InSoft is thus a trustworthy ally in the continuous improvement of your customer’s experience.

We create tools to help you get the most out of your data

With our experience in managing quality data, InSoft’s team develops tools that will make your life easier. We understand that the challenge in the years to come is not simply to get data, but to group the information together and draw conclusions that will be useful to your company.

Learn more about our latest developments

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