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Visual Fleet


This InSoft WEB application allows your staff and users to view in real-time on their mobile devices several realities of your fleet such as:

  • Location
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Occupancy rate of your vehicles


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* Patterns NG is required

A powerful and flexible web reporting tool that will provide you with a detailed presentation of your transit operations. Tables and graphs are used to analyze the counting data and schedule adherence. In addition, you will have access to a wide variety of performance reports (KPIs) specially designed in collaboration with experts and clients through the years. Examples of available reports include:

  • Ridership
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Productivity
  • Reliability
  • Various diagnostics
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Patterns NG

* WebReports is Required

In order to provide meaningful insight to a transit authority, actual counting events must be matched against scheduled timetable events. Patterns is a powerful software used for the recognition and processing of the data collected within your fleet and data base. It takes into account the GPS positioning, vehicle number, passenger counting data, and routes and journeys.

You can import your data according to several industry standards, for example:

  • ACS™ OrbCAD AVL Schedule Interface
  • Trapeze™ Standard Data Exchange ( TSDE )
  • Giro HASTUS™ Export Format
  • Google Transit™ Feed Specification ( GTFS )
  • And many other systems…
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Insoft Passenger journey
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Passenger Journey

The InSoft Passenger Journey Tracking System (origin-destination) is a new addition to our software suite. This solution allows you to know the habits of your users in total confidentiality. Ideal for:

  • Route planning
  • Optimization of the user experience
  • Optimization of services
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Real-time occupancy

Application that process, calculate and analyze passenger occupancy using the client’s automated counting data and real-time data.

  • Occupancy rate
  • Number of seats available
  • Occupation per car
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Energy Analyzer

Software tools used for calculating, analyzing, predicting, and optimizing energy consumption for electric and conventional vehicles. Allows you to improve several aspects of your fleet:

  • Energy consumption
  • Fuel costs
  • Decreased environmental impact
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Trends NG

Software that allows you to create different reports and displays that facilitates the interpretation of traffic data for in buildings. Useful for a multitude of applications:

  • Customer traffic patterns
  • Validate the ROI of marketing campaigns
  • Optimize systems for LEED buildings
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Insoft software preview GSD
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Garage Server Deamon (GSD) is a communication platform acting as a bridge between on-board computers and the internal network of a transport company (IP, Wifi, Ethernet, Cellular, etc.). The software manages the process of detecting on-board computers when they arrive at the maintenance garage as well as the management of tasks such as:

  • Retrieval of data,
  • Updating of micro-software,
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Requests for real-time information from third-party applications (eg VisualFleet)
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One of the major reasons for delays in public transportation is definitely the waiting time at traffic lights. InSoft’s PRIOFEUX solution is an essential asset to maximize the routes of your vehicles. Our systems calculate in real time the estimated arrival of the vehicle in order to extend the green light or to shorten the time at the red light. Our software platform also enables advanced analysis, after data processing, to optimize the route. Our calculations allow for an efficient and safe transition for all road users.

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