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Insoft Research designs, develops and implements software to support people and passenger counting and traffic analysis. Our software solutions are designed in-house, in our Quebec City office, and allow our customers to get a complete turnkey solution.

Furthermore, one of the tasks assigned to our team of experts is to be on the lookout for new trends and opportunities in regards to the development of data analysis and traffic software.

An architectural design service is also available when implementing a software in a company to allow maximum integration and customization for the client. Thus, Insoft can offer you a software suite that fits your needs and reality, whether it be for counting people in transport or in buildings.

InSoft Research

Our Values

At Insoft Research, we are committed to understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and providing them with products and services that meet or exceed their requirements, thus achieving strategic goals and continuous improvement.


Our in-house development enables exceptional quality control at each stage – from the original idea to user experience.


Since we have developed almost everything ourselves, our clients have access to the experts who worked on their project. Clients can get detailed answers to their questions.


Our experienced multidisciplinary and knowledgeable team enables us to offer quality technologies and services to our clients.

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Insoft Research is a fast growing company specializing in the development and implementation of software to support passenger counting and traffic analysis. For many years our team of experts has been designing software solutions tailored to the challenges of various industries. Our head office is located in Quebec City, Canada, and we are always looking for new talent to join our multidisciplinary team.

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For many years our team of experts has been designing software solutions tailored to the challenges of various industries. 
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